You’re Back In The Room, Channel 9’s New Show

You’re Back In The Room, Channel 9’s New Show

I’m pretty excited to see this new series coming out on Channel 9 with world famous hypnotist Keith Barry hypnotising individuals to try and resist doing crazy antics to win some prizes. You’re Back In The Room has had a good run in the UK with this Game Show format and here’s hoping it’ll do just as well over here in Australia.

Hosted by Daryl Somers, famous for his extensive run on Hey Hey, It’s Saturday it’ll be great to see how it all plays out on air. Of course Hypnosis on TV is very different to seeing it live and in my belief it comes down to the limited air time available that has caused other attempts for Hypnosis Shows on TV to run dry pretty quickly. This limited time factor is hard to work with as part of the charm of hypnosis is the Hypnotic induction itself, where the audience the process of the stars going into Hypnosis.

By seeing the process of Hypnosis audiences understand the nature of it more and able to invest themselves in it’s existence as it is more believable that a Hypnotist can’t always click his fingers, say “Sleep” and anyone in the vicinity will automatically go into trance. When they witness the process of elimination as the Hypnotist looks for the best subject it makes more sense and hence the dream like trance state of mind is firmly established and the ensuing routines are a lot funnier.

I look forward to seeing the crazy antics they get up to on this series and I urge viewers to experience a show live to fully understand what hypnosis is and isn’t rather than basing your beliefs on hypnosis solely on what you see on TV.



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  1. robyn 4 years ago

    id love to have my partner to be hypnotised how would I go about signing him up for it

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