• "Bring along a group of mates, get them up on stage and sit back for a tonne of laughs at their expense!! Be sure to race for a chair on stage though. Heaps of fun and definitely worth checking out at the Fringe this year."

    Talk FringeAlex E.
  • “Very few of Isaac’s tricks don’t leave the audience with their jaw at the floor, while simultaneously laughing in hysterics. His delivery is brilliant, always in control of the show and never in doubt of his sorcery working”

    5AAAndy Ruzgar
  • "It's very, very cool what he was doing. It's different!"

    Port Adelaide Football ClubChad Wingard
  • “We have used Isaac repeatedly over a number of years, he delivers great value entertainment which is engaging and gets the audience involved”

    Adelaide University UnionDanielle Hoban
  • "Saw it last night (18th) – great show, went there with a friend who was a bit sceptical but she thought it was hilarious.There was no pressure to join in and although I was only in the audience – it was fun for everyone.

    Definitely recommend."

    Talk FringeMark C.
  • "Saw this show as was rating highly on Fringetalk.Very well polished professional performance. Isaac is the complete package. Very charming and charismatic and beautifully presented.He kept the crowd laughing for the whole show and it was a very quick hour. Didn’t want it to end. Im still not sure if any of the volunteers were “plants” but despite trying to find evidence of faking I couldn’t, so Im at home still trying to work out how it was all done and whether Ive been tricked.Very Very Good and would highly recommend."

    Talk FringeShannon B.
  • "HILARIOUS!Pretty much laughed from beginning to end, and there were times when I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe!Would highly recommend you see this show! It was excellent"

    Talk FringeSamantha L.
  • "Isaac performed at our conference gala dinner. He had the audience in the palm of his hand (almost literally for the 6 people who were hypnotised). The performance was entertaining, thought-provoking and funny. I received a lot of unsolicited and glowing feedback from the diners."
    Adam Barclay
    Adam BarclayCRC Care
  • "Before heading into this show I was skeptical about hypnosis, but with an open mind I entered – and within the first few moments it didn’t matter if I believed or not – I loved it.

    It wasn’t what I was expecting from a hypnosis show, it was hilarious, entertaining and endearing. Isaac is the true professional entertainer and is such a gentlemen performer.

    I enjoyed the fact that no one was forced into the hypnotic state, everyone had a choice if they wanted to be involved – or be entertained.

    I decided to be in the audience instead, but had friends on stage which created some hilarious moments which we still can’t stop talking about even days after the show.

    Honestly, I could not recommend this show higher. If you want a night of laughs and entertainment – this is the show."

    Talk FringeMatt T.
  • “Each night brings a new audience, which means a new state of subconscious and a new exploration of imagination. It’s the perfect insight into the world of hypnotism and a hilarious night of entertainment that you will not want to miss out on!”

    Rip It UpGiselle Buetti
  • "Lots of fun, great host.Planning to go and see it again and will be going on stage next time!GREAT NIGHT OUT"

    Talk FringeLollygobble R.
  • "The entertainment at the awards, the hypnotist, was the best I have seen for years had us all in stitches, excellent fun."

    Jeanna ScottKandu Finance Solutions
  • "I have never seen a hypnotist in action before and I am telling everyone I know all about you. Jack (our tall hilarious participant) is still unable to drink a glass of water......only kidding! He loved it and so did the audience. I have no idea how I'm going to ‘better’ our conference for next year, you really were the highlight. I was pleased to see that lots of people were approaching you for your business card. I hope these enquiries turn into bookings."

    Key InvestHelen Washington
  • "Absolutely hypnotic, even from the audience!Isaac Lomman and his volunteers delivered such a hilarious and fascinating show the first time I went, that I returned and watched it again only to laugh harder and become even more enthralled with hypnosis!Absolute must watch!"

    Talk FringeBrooke T.
  • "Funny and interesting. Please do note that you have to volunteer to be hypnotised so it is not forced participation. I was in the audience watching and had a great time, wondering how the people on stage felt. A clean show, good night of entertainment and questioning “how the?”. Definitely fun and funny with many laughs, pay close attention to the volunteers to see the responses and expressions for the best experience."

    Talk FringeLing T.
  • "absolutely loved this show……haven’t laughed so much in ages……i’ve gone from skeptic to believer, you won’t be disappointed. Isaac keeps the audience enthralled throughout."

    Talk FringeDeanna P.
  • "Was an absolutely amazing show! Went to the Saturday night one and omg! I dont think I have laughed for that long that often and wasn’t even on stage at the end ! Definitely has some amazing talent hypnotizing people but in a clean and fun way!!!!!! Absolutely loved every part of it definitely suggest seeing the show!"

    Talk FringeAntonia C.
  • "Isaac provided a very entertaining hour of hilarious anecdotes and suggested behaviours through the art of hypnosis.  His professionalism ensured the participants and our audience were safe and did not cross any ethical or moral boundaries.  With almost 100 staff and guests in attendance, Isaac managed the audience effectively with his captivating presence.  It was a great night – highly recommended for a light-hearted staff social event."

    Pete GardenGreat Southern Rail
  • "Isaac’s show was absolutely amazing! I was very skeptical before and during the show buuuut one of my friends went up on stage and fell deep into the hypnosis and didn’t really remember a lot afterwards, then I was sold. It was fricken hilarious the entire way through and I pretty much was crying I laughed that hard. Isaac is very clever and knows how to put on a bloody good show! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!! Definitely a 5+ star show!"

    TalkFringeGeorgia G.
  • "Hilarious, nothing funnier than seeing your work colleagues being hypnotised. Isaac did a fantastic job, he handled everything with very little organising from us except to show up, Very professional."

    OricaNigel Pereira, Business Manager
  • "Superb entertainment, loved this show.

    Go see this one you won’t be disappointed!"

    Talk FringeKim D.
  • "Oh man this was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!Watching people do things that they would NEVER do should you just ask them and especially if they are up on stage in front of people really proved to me and my wife that Isaac is truly a world-class Hypnotist!The show was completely clean, so really good for kids and full of laughs. I should also say that I took my wife, who is a Psychologist and who is extremely skeptical of Hypnosis and she came out the other side as a believer!Now that’s Hypnosis! Well worth watching!"

    Talk FringeCurtis H.
  • "Incredible!Went in slightly skeptical but was blown away with the show. Very entertaining throughout and watching the volunteers do things that seem clearly they would not normally do, was in stitches the whole time. Great atmosphere, vibe and overall would, and have already, recommend to anyone.Worth the money by far, go see it!"

    Talk FringeBen G.
  • "I have never seen a live hypnosis show before so was very unsure of what to expect – it was awesome! Extremely entertaining and amazing, I think I would definitely put my hand up to be a participant next time. Will see this show again!"

    Talk FringeAlissa S.
  • "It is now over a year since you thrilled our guests at the Australian Outdoor Living conference in August 2014, and the people in our office are still raving about your performance! Thank you very much for the top class entertainment. We look forward to inviting you to another event where we know we can guarantee the guests will have a fantastic time."

    Australian Outdoor LivingDina Daradan
  • "I had the pleasure to engage Isaac as our entertainment at a corporate function for over 100 guests. He was excellent to deal with and displayed an extremely high level of professionalism from the initial booking conversation to the event itself. I wish him all the best in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending Isaac. Thanks again, Fiona."

    Conveyancing MattersFiona Baverstock
  • A great night to share some laughsIf you are after to side splitting laughter at the fringe, you must see this show.People forgetting their names, thinking their shoe is a spiderTreat yourself to this show and take some friends as you may want them to take some photos, I you get up on stageWell done Isaac
  • “A dozen brave volunteers settle in for an interesting and frankly gob-smackingly amazing experience. They undergo his hypnotic induction, relaxing physically and mentally, and giving in to their imaginations. While being cared for by Lomman, he seems to temporarily rewire their minds as they respond to his suggestions (even to their own puzzlement) and thoroughly entertain the crowd.”

    The ClotheslineKaren Bailey
  • "BEST show I’ve seen at the fringe this year!!He (and volunteers) had the attention of the audience the entire show.I would recommend going to this show in the final days of the fringe.Absolutely MIND BLOWING!"

    Talk FringeAndrew L.
  • "Fantastic show! I'd suggest it to all of my friends. Great for a laugh, especially if you're up on stage!"

    The GovJack May
  • "A very enjoyable evening, good outside the box entertainment!"

    Barry ElmslieAbout Homeloans
  • "Excellent show. A ton of laughs.Isaac takes you on intriguing journey and whether you end up on stage or not, you will have a great time!"

    Talk FringeAlex K.
  • "Isaac held everyone’s attention in a way that I’ve never seen at our previous Gala Events. Thanks Isaac, you put in an amazing and professional performance!"

    North Adelaide Football ClubLois Elliott
  • "A fantastic show that captured the entire audience! We had people ranging from 18 – 60+ and absolutely everyone was entertained as Isaac did his stuff! Book him for your event – You will not be disappointed!"

    Radio RentalsTina Taddeo
  • "I haven’t seen the Club as pumped as full as it was or experience the “buzz” that filled the air for a very long time and that’s saying something as Shane and I have been involved up there for many, many years. I have received numerous telephone calls and text’s saying how much fun everyone had, so thank you! You are quite the performer."

    Tea Tree Gully Football ClubKerry Maschotta
  • “Not a believer of hypnosis? Well here’s your chance to pop up on stage & be proven wrong. Members from the audience are welcomed on stage & fall into Isaac’s amazing trance. This show is bound to leave you in shock, with your jaw dropped for the entire show!”

    What's On In Adelaide
  • "Isaac is a master at his craft and the results are hilarious side splitting situations on stage. Extremely enjoyable entertainment."

    Talk FringeErnest M.
  • "Great night. The Hypnotist was brilliant."

    Anthony HughesLoan Market
  • "Going into this show I knew little about hypnosis and how it worked. At the start of the show Isaac explained hypnosis, he explained that it is more about letting go and zoning out in a way. I was luckily one of the volunteers on stage, the feelings of being hypnotized are hard to explain but if you have the opportunity to get on stage do so.

    This show was amazing and I enjoyed it thoroughly, I would recommend it to anyone. Go to the show and enjoy watching a friend or family member making a fool of themselves."

    Talk FringeSheldon B.


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