Limitless Thinking Keynote


Isaac Lomman is a keynote speaker & entertainer who delves into the subconscious aspects of business and backs them up with a unique and powerful demonstration on how our collective minds can be programmed for success or failure.
Providing practical insights into peeling away the mental barriers that get in the way of successful communication, goal setting and motivational control allows Isaac’s time on stage to be taken back to work and applied immediately and effectively to move attendees towards higher levels of achievement in an organisations key performance indicators.
  • Customised to your Corporate Mission
  • Works in with the theme of your event
  • Actionable skills transferred from stage to the audience to use at work
  • Jaw dropping demonstration of the power of the mind and how it applies to success in the workplace

Investment: $5,000.00 + GST


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PO Box 1103
Golden Grove, 5125
SA, Australia

Contact details

Twitter: @IsaacLomman
Phone: 1300 884 785 | 0401 370 543

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