Weight Loss Hypnosis Workshops

This Program is designed to help you lose weight without hunger, magic potions or pills, fancy recipes and gym routines and KEEP IT OFF!

 How Does It Work? Combining the natural power of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming with guided visualization to focus your Unconscious Mind on eliminating cravings, eat smaller portions whilst being satisfied, eliminate binging and increase energy during the day with improved sleep at night. This is a 90 Minute experience to get acquainted with the part of your mind that runs all your routines and discover how to effortlessly outgrow these patterns using hypnosis.

What’s Involved? Throughout this 90 minute seminar the entire group of participants will be placed into a hypnotic trance that opens up communication with the part of your mind that runs your emotions and habits amongst other processes and is immensely powerful. Once placed on the right path the Unconscious Mind becomes an unstoppable force to allow you to achieve your health goals naturally.

Will It Work For Me? This program is designed to help you lose 2kg, 5kg, 20kgs or more! The truth is that number will be different for everybody depending on your goals and needs.

No matter what weight loss systems you’ve bought in the past you can have phenomenal success for weight loss through Hypnosis. The rule is that anyone who can learn can be hypnotized – yes, this is the overwhelming majority!

Unlike a Stage Show where I am looking for naturally adept individuals who can go into hypnosis quickly and deeply to display some very high level hypnotic phenomena, the great news is that you don’t need to go that deep into hypnosis to get great results for weight loss.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that complements your diet and exercise program. As we all know, changing our lifestyle makes permanent weight loss possible. Imagine eliminating unwanted cravings forever, or feeling full quicker? Imagine eating smaller portions, and feeling motivated to exercise! Imagine improved sleep, and no more late night eating binges? Imagine eliminating boredom eating, stress eating and emotional eating, ONCE AND FOR ALL!! Imagine how good you will feel… 

You Will Need:

  • To be willing to follow instructions.
  • To sincerely want to lose weight, permanently.
  • To bring comfortable clothing.
  • To download and print your ticket.
  • To be On Time. Doors will be open 15 minutes before the Seminar start time. We will be starting on time to cater for the majority and if you are late you miss critical information.


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