Fundraising Event Idea

Hypnotic Fundraising Event Idea!fundraising-event-idea

Many organisations in this day and age are increasingly out doing themselves when it comes to putting on a spectacular fundraising event. Wanting to put on a better show each and every year, occasionally it gets tough coming up with new and better ways to out do oneself!

Comedy Hypnosis is an all time favourite when it comes to fundraisers! As most people within the organisation know one another, it creates an even funnier show when you see your mates on stage acting completely out of character.

Being such a unique and old school form of entertainment, audiences of this day and age have rarely seen a hypnosis show performed live before their very eyes and are often found completely gob smacked by the dazzling display coming from their friends, colleagues, team mates unconscious minds and imaginations.

Isaac ensures a fun and safe show for all involved without stinting on the laughter! He also works with you to ensure it’s a viable option for your organisation to make plenty of cash with this great idea for your next fundraising event!

Just imagine a show that has been performed on international Cruiseships, Corporate Events and Major Arts Festivals coming to your organisation jam packed with laughter, music, and the mysteries of the mind!



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