What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural trance state of mind in which we become highly responsive to suggestions. This state is the ideal state of learning and everyone has experienced this either in a classroom, work meeting or simply when you’re driving; getting lost in your own imagination

What Happens in Hypnosis?

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently and some often wonder if they’ve been hypnotised at all. Common Phenomena or ‘convincers’ of hypnosis are:

  • Amnesia
  • Heightened emotions
  • Feeling refreshed
  • Feeling relaxed
  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • Catalepsy (loss of muscle control)
  • Out of character behaviour
  • Out of body experience (watching oneself act upon a suggestion)
  • Increased tolerance to pain
  • Hallucinations

Some may experience one of these, others may experience all of them, it just depends on how skilled a hypnotic subject they are.

What Does It Feel Like?

You can expect to feel good. You can expect to feel relaxed. You can expect to leave this experience refreshed and with a new respect for the power of your own mind!

What you shouldn’t expect is to feel completely zonked out or turned into a zombie. Whilst in hypnosis you will be aware of your surroundings although very relaxed and focussed on the hypnotist. You may have other thoughts drift in and out of your mind and that is quite OK too.

What Does It Take To Be Hypnotised?

Entering Hypnosis is simply the skill of achieving a Trance state of mind. Many of us do this naturally throughout our lives, some more than others. If a volunteer doesn’t remain on the stage because they weren’t “Under” it is simply a case of needing to work on this skill. It’s quite like a muscle that is in the mind, the more you do it, the stronger it gets and the deeper you go each time. You will need to be able to Focus and be willing to ignite your Imagination on stage to maintain this state of trance. It’s really quite easy, just follow Isaac’s instructions.


What is a Hypnosis Show?

A Stage Hypnosis Show is when The Hypnotist has audience members join him/her on stage to be put into a hypnotic trance then act upon suggestions from The Hypnotist that are outside of their normal character, creating humour and amazement for the rest of the audience to enjoy.

Do I Have to Come on Stage?

No. Isaac only requests for volunteers to join him on stage rather than picking on those who would prefer to watch the action. The choice is yours: Be the Show or See the Show!

Show Rating?

Isaac’s Show is generally rated PG and is created for all to enjoy. As his show is mostly performed for Corporate Clients he has experience entertaining a variety of demographics at the same time. Positive feedback has come from every different age group and many comment on how they really enjoyed having fun without dirty content and language.

Do The Volunteers Truly Have Fun?

It is important to understand that it is entirely possible to create a hilarious Hypnosis Show without the need to embarrass the volunteers. Isaac prides himself on a clean comedy show that has everyone in the room feeling fantastic, especially the volunteers on stage. It is a mission at every show to have audience members want to come up on stage at the next show.

How Are Hypnosis Show Volunteers Chosen?

The Comedy Hypnosis Show volunteers are NOT chosen by the entertainer. In fact, each participant is a volunteer from the audience who consciously decides to be a part of the show.

Only audience members that are interested in participating are allowed on stage and no one is forced to become a part of the show.



How Do I Hire A Stage Hypnotist?

Isaac Lomman is available to entertain at your next event and it’s extremely easy to book directly with him. 

Step 1; Enquire Now

If you’re looking for a hypnotist for hire then you’ll want to have these things in mind:

  1. What kind of event are you planning?
  2. What’s your preferred date(s)? What are your backup dates?
  3. Where is the actual event address? Is it a theatre, clubrooms, hotel? Exact location.
  4. How many people are you expecting?
  5. Will you be organising Audio and Lighting?

Step 2; Discuss Your Quote

Within 48 hours you’ll receive a quote from us. If it suits your budget, ask for a Show Kit to discuss with relevant decision makers. (This is a PDF Document which should answer all questions that might be brought up in discussion)

Step 3; Pencil In Your Date

If you want to be sure you get the date you have in mind, pencil it in as quickly as possible through Email. You will then receive a Performance Agreement and Pro Forma Invoice. We will hold the date for 1 week until a 50% deposit has been paid to fully confirm your booking.

Step 4; Confirm Your Booking

Confirm Your Booking ASAP! Read through the Performance Agreement and review the Terms and Conditions before signing. Once you are happy with everything pay the 50% Deposit to Confirm Your Booking.

Step 5; Marketing Material

Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive access to marketing images and material. Depending on the location of the show this is when we will book travel arrangements. You will also receive performance requirements such as stage setup, audio setup, show theme (if any).

Step 6; The Show!

That’s it! Get Excited! This is most of the nitty gritty over and you can sit back and look forward to the upcoming show. Depending on your show type, be sure to market effectively to ensure there’s a decent crowd for all to enjoy the night. You will receive a call 1 week out from the event date to confirm any last minute details before show time.

Step 7: Settlement

Once the show is over we love hearing how much your audience has enjoyed the night, so please let us know! Once final balance has been received that is the entire booking cycle involved in hiring Isaac Lomman to entertain at your event.

What Are Isaac's Audio Visual (AV) Requirements?

There are various ways to do Sound, Lighting and Stage Layout for Isaac’s show. Below we will discuss a couple of scenarios:

Ideal Sound:

  • 2 x Foldback Speakers (These are pointed onto the stage to ensure the volunteers can hear Isaac clearly)
  • Crowd Speakers (These are large speakers to ensure all of the audience can hear what is happening on stage no matter where they are in the room.)
  • MP3 Input (Ideally positioned on Stage to plug into an iPad to have music run through all speakers throughout the show. Isaac controls the music from a radio remote on his belt.)
  • Headset Microphone – Optional (This requires rehearsal time prior to people entering the performance space as it takes work to ensure the sound doesn’t feedback with the Foldback Speakers)
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone (An absolute must.)

For shows in South Australia and Western parts of Victoria all of these requirements can be supplied and setup for your event.

Minimum Sound:

  • Performance area positioned in front of the Crowd Speakers so that the sound passes through the stage and the volunteers can hear it clearly.
  • MP3 Input
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone

Ideal Lighting

  • Full range of colours on stage. (Red, Blue, Orange, Green, White)
  • House Lighting Control (To turn down the lights at show time)

Minimum Lighting

  • Stage is well lit for all to see what is happening throughout the show

Show Lengths

Isaac’s show is highly flexible and can be worked around your running schedule for the night. He offers shows that run for 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 75 or even 2 hours with interval. The most popular is 60 minutes however he is often asked if he can do 30 minutes. Whilst this has been done before, it’s not recommended as it usually takes about 15 minutes to engage the audience, have volunteers come on stage and to then enter the trance state of mind. This doesn’t leave much time for the fun!

Who have you worked with?

These are a few of Isaac’s past clients. If you’d like to join them in Hiring Isaac for your next function Click Here To Enquire.

Should We Organise Volunteers Prior To The Show?

No. It is in not necessary to attempt to get commitment from any volunteers in advance.

Isaac will open the show with a Pre Talk on what’s about to happen that is designed to get your audience excited to participate.

How Are Hypnosis Volunteers Chosen?

The Comedy Hypnosis Show volunteers are NOT chosen by the entertainer. In fact, each participant is a volunteer from the audience who consciously decides to be a part of the show.

Only audience members that are interested in participating are allowed on stage and no one is forced to become a part of the show.

As a performer, Isaac is an expert at putting your audience at ease. Initially dispelling common myths about hypnosis before getting your entire audience involved in some games that show that everyone is susceptible to some degree.

Ultimately you’ll be surprised just how many of your audience members will want to be hypnotised!

What Kind Of Venue Is Suitable?

A Hypnosis Show can be done anywhere. It’s very flexible and can morph to meet the requirements of your event but as with anything there are ideal circumstances in which to operate the show and these are what we will discuss below.

Ideally it will be held in a Theatre, with a raised stage so that all of the audience can see with theatre or cabaret style seating to fit as many people in the room as possible.

Comfortable Stage size is approximately 8 Metres Wide by 4 Metres Deep by 50-100cm High with Stage Wings or a Backstage for the artist to use before the show.

There should be easy access from the audience to the stage with safe, secure stairs on either side of the stage or in the middle of the stage. This will serve two purposes; one to ensure the show flows quickly as Isaac calls for volunteers to come on stage and be stars, and two to increase opportunities for audience interaction throughout the show once volunteers are hypnotised.

You can set up the chairs in Cabaret (Tables and Chairs) or Theatre (Rows) style depending on the size of the room and the number of guests you are expecting.

If we can minimise outside noises and distractions that’s great but it isn’t a requirement. Depending on the type of event your holding Theatres and Halls work great of course but Isaac has done shows in Cafes, Restaurants, Outdoors, Convention Centres, Sports Clubrooms and even on the Street!

Do We Need A Stage?

Not always. Isaac finds that with crowds up to around 100 people we can usually get away with doing the show from the floor. Keeping in mind that the Subjects on stage are primarily seated throughout the show, putting them at the same level as the audience so the more rows back from the stage, the harder it is to see the action.

For larger events a stage will be required for a top quality show that includes all of your guests no matter where they are seated. This stage should be large enough to accommodate about 12 chairs across in a line and 2 metres in front for all the action.

How Many People Do We Need For A Show?

A Comedy Hypnosis Show is ideally suited for crowds of 50+ but Isaac has performed for smaller crowds of 20+ before. If you have a group of friends who want to experience this state of mind together then crowds can get even smaller. The more people in the room, the more energy buzzing around, the bigger the routines get.

What Is The Cost For A Comedy Hypnosis Show?

The cost for a Comedy Hypnosis Show varies greatly hence the reason we can’t simply post a flat fee. It is an investment into your event to have high quality professional entertainment that will become a highlight of the night and people talking about your event for years to come. We encourage you to Get In Touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Stage Setup?

The unique thing about a Hypnosis Show that marks it as different from most others is the row of chairs on stage, already set up as guests file in. We require 12-20 chairs on stage. These chairs will ideally be armless, touching one another in a slightly curved line across the stage.
A small props table somewhere on stage is ideal too.

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