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We love working with communities, charities and sports clubs who are looking to make a difference in their world and for their cause.
If you’re looking for a fundraising event idea that will give your audience an amazing night out and still support your fantastic cause, a Comedy Hypnosis Show is a perfect way to do all of this and more!

Having raised thousands of dollars for various organisations in the past we’re experienced at organising, promoting and delivering a successful fundraising event that will leave you with plenty of profits to go towards your cause.

We approach Fundraising with a Win Win Win philosophy. This includes a Win for you as the promoter/organizer with the goal to raise as much money for your cause as possible. We also need to give your supporters and audience a Win by giving them a night they will never forget, with laughter everywhere an overall great vibe with Comedy that is suitable for all ages. We also need to Win by working with you to reach our own financial needs and to satiate our appetite to bring a demonstration of this phenomenal state of mind to your community.

You might be wanting to do a school fundraiser, charity event, sports club fundraiser for necessary equipment upgrades and a Comedy Hypnosis Show works perfectly in all of these scenarios.

Success Takes Work!

Successful fundraisers do require a lot of work on your part to pull off, mostly in the marketing but can be incredibly rewarding once you’ve raised all that money. You can imagine yourself donating the money to your cause and how good that will feel.

Available in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart and everywhere in between and beyond!

Let’s Do The Math

Just to give you some quick figures let’s imagine your cost for entertainment is $2,000.00. If you charge $30 per ticket and sell just 100 in your community you’ve just made $1,000.00 for your cause!

Now imagine putting together a Dinner and Show Deal that’s $60 Per ticket, the dinner costs you $20 so you profit $40 per ticket sold. You then sell 100 tickets for the show and 30 tickets for Dinner and Show you’ve made a total of $2,200.00. That’s just from ticket sales let alone drink sales, food sales, charity auction items and other merchandise sales.

Keeping these figures in mind you will need a minimum of 70 paying audience members to break even on your entertainment costs in the scenario above. If you are not comfortable with the idea of being able to get that many people down to the event you might need to look at other solutions for your entertainment unless you find a corporate sponsor to fund the entertainment so that you can still make some profits for your cause.

  • "It's very, very cool what he was doing. It's different!"

    Port Adelaide Football ClubChad Wingard
  • "Isaac held everyone’s attention in a way that I’ve never seen at our previous Gala Events. Thanks Isaac, you put in an amazing and professional performance!"

    North Adelaide Football ClubLois Elliott
  • "A fantastic show that captured the entire audience! We had people ranging from 18 – 60+ and absolutely everyone was entertained as Isaac did his stuff! Book him for your event – You will not be disappointed!"

    Radio RentalsTina Taddeo




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