Adelaide Fringe 5AA Review

Adelaide Fringe 5AA Review


Every now and then I find myself pleasantly surprised in how people respond to the hard work I put into my passion, my baby – my show!

I was floored by this wonderful comedy hypnosis review from Andy Ruzgar at 5AA Radio.

This is what he had to say about the show:

Isaac Lomman – Comedy Hypnosis
Andy Ruzgar – Breakfast Producer

Wow. If local shaman and charismatic hypnotist Isaac Lomman had any sense, he would’ve put me under his spell and told me what to write in this review. Really, he doesn’t need to. For 90 minutes Issac spellbinds his audience with his polished display of comedy hypnosis.
After a brief display which gets the entire audience, Isaac asks 15 or so volunteers from the crowd to be his subjects for the evening. These people are undoubtedly the focus of the show, though it doesn’t isolate the rest of the mesmerised crowd. Isaac explains the science behind hypnosis, as he lulls his subjects to a deep sleep, rendering them entirely under his control. Then, it’s a side-splitting array of demonstrations of Issac’s control, from making volunteers forget their name, imagine that they are naked and making them act like pigeons.
Very few of Isaac’s tricks don’t leave the audience with their jaw at the floor, while simultaneously laughing in hysterics. His delivery is brilliant, always in control of the show and never in doubt of his sorcery working. Sadly, his run with the Adelaide Fringe is over, but he’s Adelaide based, and plays regularly. I’m desperate to see this again, and make sure I get the opportunity to fall under his trance.
It’s such a pleasure to deliver a show that brings such a wonderful experience to the audience and volunteers alike! Thanks Andy, much appreciated.


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