Adelaide Fringe 2014

Comedy Hypnosis at Adelaide Fringe 2014!

It’s that time of year again already! How exciting to be involved in Adelaide Fringe 2014, last year was so much fun I decided to double the amount of shows to run this year and I’m mixing it up a bit. This year is all about variety, I want to change things up so that every single show you come to you will something new and exciting and will hopefully have you falling out of your seat from laughing too hard.

It was such a pleasure working with Birdwood Highschool in 2013 that they decided to invite me to their award winning venue for Adelaide Fringe 2014 for two shows. One specifically for the students and another at night for everyone else in the area. I cannot wait to perform for these guys again, last year really was terrific!

After Birdwood kicks off it’s onto my main season down at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel across from The Entertainment centre. With 8 shows lined up there is much mischief to be had! If you can make it to more than one show you’ll get a chance to witness some truly astonishing hypnotic phenomena that simply produces hilarious results. If you’re worried that I’m going to pick on you and force you on stage, you needn’t be. I only work with those who are willing to come up and be the stars of the show. When you are on stage with me I’ll take you on a wonderful journey into your unconscious mind. You’ll leave this experience feeling wonderfully rested and refreshed with a new outlook on the power that your own mind has!

I hope to see you all down at one of my shows for Adelaide Fringe 2014, it’s going to be so much fun.

Check out the list of available show dates to the right and buy tickets through Fringe here

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