Adelaide Fringe 2013

AdelaideFringeCalGrowing up in Adelaide Isaac has always enjoyed the excitement and huge variety of shows that the Adelaide Fringe brings to town. This peak season has always been a time to enjoy calling Adelaide home as hundreds of thousands of people flock to the small city to get involved in the largest Fringe Festival in the southern hemisphere. With beautiful weather, beaches all around and such a massive feast for all the senses in the very heart of town where else would one rather be between February 15 – March 17?

It is with great pleasure that Isaac is to perform in this years Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013! His debut season will be held at The Gov over 4 nights: Starting on Sunday Feb 24, Feb 25, Feb 26 and finishing on Thursday Feb 28th.

Bringing his uniquely hilarious and mesmerising show to this well known venue and Fringe comedy hub, Isaac cannot wait to take to the stage and create stars out of the audience members.

Along with his 4 public shows Isaac is also participating in the Youth Engagement Program. Presenting his show to youth groups and schools, he is available to set up a dedicated show for a School audience or travel to their location and perform in house! A fantastic opportunity to expose the youth of today to the power of their own minds, their own imaginations and the potential that have just waiting to be unleashed in their unconscious minds.

Whilst many people fear hypnosis Isaac insists that his show is fun for all involved and does not force anyone to participate. All of the stars on stage have volunteered from their own free will to experience this natural, trance state of mind that we can all enjoy!

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Check out the official Adelaide Fringe 2013 program teaser below…. can you see Isaac in there?

[youtube id=gMO2Ho4E1uk]


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