The Overview

Isaac Lomman is a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, a unique entertainer who uses the power of hypnosis with hilarious routines to create stars out of members of the audience.  Providing a clean show for everyone to enjoy, Isaac creates this hilarity from volunteers only that join him on stage to experience this powerful mental state of focus and imagination.

Highlighting the power of our minds through comedy is Isaac’s mission and you can see him plying his craft all around Australia and parts of the World. Entertaining audiences at Festivals, Fundraisers, Corporate Events or a local Theatre near you!


About Isaac Lomman The HypnotistMy History

Isaac became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (cHt), Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (mNLP) and Master of Time Dynamics (mTD) in 2010.

Combining his skills as a Hypnotist with his natural Stage Presence and passion for Entertaining he has been performing professionally since 2011.

Becoming widely known for his work with Port Adelaide Football Club in 2014 in the viral video produced by PTV.

Isaac’s shows have become wildly successful through his appearances in festivals like Adelaide Fringe and Theatres around Australia.

Seeing his work on stage as a fantastic platform to deliver a powerful message of just how powerful the Human Mind can be when communicating correctly and directly with the Unconscious Mind to help us achieve goals in all areas of life from Health, Wealth and Relationships.

He currently resides in his Hometown of Adelaide, South Australia where he spends his time off stage learning more about Entrepreneurship, Permaculture, Health & Wellness and deepening his understanding of the Human Mind.

The Show

You can expect laughter. You can expect amazement. You can expect an experience that the audience will never forget!

Here’s why: the show is 100% audience participation. That means volunteers from the audience become the stars of the show. As their friends, colleagues, and family in the audience wait with bated breath to see what twists and turns await them on stage, you can be sure of a fully immersive entertainment experience for all.

People from all over Australia come to see stage hypnotist Isaac Lomman for a show filled with fun, hilarity and the adventure of the unexpected.

A Hypno-Whazzit?

We know! The idea of a Comedy Hypnosis show may be new and somewhat strange to you and you’re probably asking yourself how this is going to even work? Hypnosis has been used for Entertainment for centuries and we’ll cover off a few of our most commonly asked questions here or you can visit our FAQ page here!

  • Q. Is this Hypnotherapy?
    A. Absolutely not. This is purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • Q. Do you force people on stage?
    A. Absolutely not. Isaac asks for volunteers to join him on stage.
  • Q. Is it real hypnosis?
    A. Indeed it is. Hypnosis is a natural trance state of mind.

The Trance

Hypnosis is a natural trance state of mind that occurs through the subjects focus and attention. Intrinsically connected to the creative centres of the mind, Hypnosis has been used for centuries for both therapeutic and entertainment purposes.

It is a wonderfully pleasant experience as the subject finds a deeply relaxing state of mind coupled with powerful Hypnotic Phenomena not often experienced in everyday life.

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